A. Installment Loan
Loans for any purchase or addition of production equipment, transportation facilities, land and building, factory, warehouse acquisition or office installments. Loan can be adjusted to current operating cash flows, and the economic value of the financed object. Loan can also be used for working capital. Features:

  • Loan period of up to 36 months, for working capital loan.
  • Loan period of up to 60 months, for investment loan.
  • Grace period (delay period for repayment of the principal loan) as well as availability period (delay in loan withdrawal) can be provided.

B. Fixed Loans
Loan provided to meet special working capital needs of the debtor, such as for build up inventory/provide trade receivable/projects financing or other special needs. Features:

  • Loan period of up to 12 months.
  • Provision of Availability Period.
  • Withdrawal using Promissory Notes/Receipt of Money by Customer.

C. Current Account Loan
Loan for working capital that let debtor to withdraw and make repayment at anytime during the loan period. Features:

  • Loan period of up to 12 months.
  • Withdrawal using cheque/transfer instruction form.
  • Loan interest is calculated based on daily usage balance.