2019 Q4 Financial Performance

Mega Grand Prize TASAKU Malang

Financial Performance of Semester I 2019

Q1 2019’s Financial Performance

TASAKU’s April Grand Prize

Gat Fit and Healthy with PDaja

Financial Performance Dec 2018

Cooperation Agreement with DUKCAPIL

Press Release Relocation of Bandung Branch

Press Release QUARTER 3 of 2018’s Financial Performance

Press Release TASAKU – GRESIK

Financial Perfomance of Semester I 2018

Siaran Pers TASAKU Malang

Siaran Pers Grebeg Pasar Jombang

Siaran Pers Kinerja Kuartal 1 2018

Siaran Pers Mega Grand Prize Tasaku April 2018

Press Release TASAKU Launched in Gresik

Press Release 2018’s First Semester Financial Performance

Bank Sampoerna Expands TASAKU Service

MSMEs Credit Increased by 16%, Bank Sampoerna Recorded a Double Digits Profit Increment

Bank Sampoerna Held Grebek Pasar in Jombang

Bank Sampoerna Consistently Supports the Growth of MSME Sector

TASAKU Mega Grand Prize Drawing

Siaran Pers Kinerja Desember 2017

26 Years Serving the Public, Bank Sampoerna Consistently Supports SMEs

Press Release Integrity and Compliance as a Foundation Bank Sampoerna Managed Double Digit Increments in Credit and Third-Party Fund

Press Release Moving Forward with Sahabat Bank Sampoerna Continued to Grow with MSMEs in Indonesia

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Consistently Improves Its Intermediary Role Loans and Third-Party Funds Increased by 22% and 25% respectively

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Inaugurated Sub Branch Office and Training Center in Kelapa Gading

Press Release 3rd Quarter 2016 Performances Bank Sampoerna Recorded 31% Credit Growth

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Continues to Launch TASAKU

Press Release Introducing Banking Industry since Childhood, Bank Sampoerna Held Financial Literacy Education “Understanding Banking through Creative Writing”

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Records Loan Portfolio and Third Party Fund Growth by 39% and 44% Respectively

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Opened Sub-Branch Office at JABABEKA

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Records Positive Growth in the Early 2016

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Consistently Supports Micro and SME Sector to Grow “Records an Increment of Loans by 86,2%”

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Collaborate with PSF-School Development Outreach to Hold Financial Literacy Education “Getting to Know Banking through Creative Writing”

Press Release Grebek Pasar Petisah Medan

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Opened Sub-Branch Office at Tugumulyo, South Sumatera

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Financial Highlight As of September 2015

Press Release 24th Anniversary & Service Day

Bank Sampoerna Launched Tabungan Hati

Press Release Bank Sahabat Sampoerna held financial literacy education

Press Release Tabungan Saku

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Jayapura Branch Office is Now Operational

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Inaugurated Palembang Branch Office

Press ReleaseSampoerna Agro and Bank Sampoerna Synergize In Intensifying Farmers Welfare

Bank Sampoerna Opened Palopo Branch Office

Press ReleaseFor Improved Ease and Comfort in Shopping, Bank Sampoerna Launched Debit Card

Press Release Bank Sampoerna’s Asset Has Grown by 30%

 Press Release Understanding Customer Better, Bank Sampoerna Held a Serving Day to Kerupuk Putih PASUNDAN

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Loan Disbursement Increase by 27,4%

 Press Release Bank Sampoerna Held Break Fasting with Orphans 2014

Press Release Sampoerna Financial Group Works Together with UMKM Community in Pekanbaru

Press Release Bank Sampoerna Reach Asset Growth at 57,9%

Bank Sampoerna Aims for Middle-Upper Sector “PROMO KEBUN TUNAI”